Thursday, February 08, 2007


There's an articlee up today at Townhall by William Rusher on John Edwards, who is apparently one of the more formidable candidates.
Watching Edwards on television, I am torn between admiration of his finesse and a deep wariness over whether somebody so glib can possibly be real. A good many other Americans may come to share that doubt. But this country cheerfully elected Bill Clinton twice, and he was surely the King of Glibness. So keep your eye on John Edwards.
He also describes Edwards as "fiendishly handsome." There's a joke there to be made, I suppose.

This isn't the first time I've seen Conservatives express this opinion, and I don't entirely know what to make of it. Perhaps they think Edwards is really the easiest to beat. Hillary Clinton will have a ton of money and is a woman. Barak Obama is black. The negative style of campaigning they've perfected in the last few elections might not be as effective in this campaign. Clinton will have enough money to fight back, and trashing Obama feeds into the idea that Republicans are racists. So maybe they want Edwards at the top of the deck.

I like Edwards, though, so I hope I'm wrong.

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