Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Your Weekly Rush: Salvaging something from the Wreckage

OK this is my third pass at writing this post. While Republicans attempts to politicize Terri Schiavo's situation have, in part, backfired, Rush Limbaugh is still trying to dissuade his listeners from leaving the party.
When this is all over, and it's going to be over someday, are we going to go back to being complacent and are we going to go back to refusing to support representatives and senators who have the guts to challenge some of this judicial supremacy? Are we going to encourage them to reign in these rogue courts? Are we going to stand by Tom DeLay and Santorum and support them, who are at the top of the liberal hit list? Are we going to engage the left when the president nominates a new chief justice as early as June or are we going to let the liberal Hollywood groups continue to run the confirmation show? And are we going to continue to let the Democrats in the Senate filibuster?
So obviousl Rush would like to channel the anger of the Christian right away from Republican Politicians who failed to save Ms. Schiavo and towards "Activist Judges." There's a good chance it will work.

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