Monday, March 28, 2005

Sometimes I Can't Tell the Difference between Parody and Reality

I was reading the DAOU REPORT over at Salon. It's a run down of blogs on the left and the right, and it's worth checking out from time to time. Anyway it linked to a discussion of our relationship with China over at The first part was correct enough, covering how the China are the closest we have to rivals right now, and how we should be somewhat concerned about their growing power. Then there was this interesting bit.
We cannot yield out standard of living to them. We have no reason to. China has always been an inferior nation and deserves to be. We ought not surrender, we ought not compromise. There is no rational reason for us to consider sharing with the Chinese so long as any other option remains open to us. I, for one, am not willing to surrender the least part of my standard of living to help a billion and a quarter Chinese get what they want.
It could be that this intended as a parody of what Conservatism is perceived to be. The the terminology is pretty clear.

Let's say that Mr. Yoshida's standard of living allows him to eat 5 Dove Bars a week. If we could preserve peace with China but it would take him down to 4 Dove bars a week, for Mr. Yoshida that is too high a price to pay. Which, I have to say, isn't probably the most solid foundation on which to build a future foreign policy on.

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