Wednesday, March 02, 2005

All Hail Conservative Bloggers!

Let us all sing the praises of the Conservative bloggers who's triumphant arrival on the stage of history is the culmination of a battle that has stretched for decades. For behold William F. Buckley said let there be National Review, a place where conservative thought can come forth. And there was a National Review. And yet the Conservatives were not satisfied, and there mouths were full of grumblings.

And then Rush Limbaugh said "Let there be three hours of me each day." And there was the Rush Limbaugh Program. And the Conservatives were not satisfied. Indeed listening to Rush, they became even hungrier.

And then there was Matt Drudge, who's thunderous typings brought down a president (or would have if they had not failed to bring down a president). At this the right wing was still angry and hungry.

And then came the day of the 24 hour news network. And the rise of the punditry. And the appearance of Fox News. And, lo, it was not enough, for the hunger of Conservatives had only grown.

So then was conceived in the mind a new way for conservatives to communicate one with another. The Blog. And Glen Reynolds said, "let there be Instapundit." And there was
Instapundit. The Conservative Blogger had arrived on the stage. And behold, the Conservative Blog-O-Sphere did take down Dan of the house of Rather and he was brought low for reporting a story about which there is no need to remember.

But behold, the liberal is crafty. And copying. And Jonah of the house of Goldberg did write an article to praise the Conservative Bloggers but also to sound the trumpet of warning. "Left-wing bloggers believe they are part of the same "revolution" as right-wing bloggers are. They're not. . . . They represent - much like the still lame liberal talk radio and the new liberal think tanks - an attempt to copycat conservative successes. Their fight is not with the monolithic mainstream media (or academia) but with the usurpers. Politics is not a battle of technology. It is a battle of ideas, and therein lies all the difference."

And thus there was great weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth in the lefty Blog-O-Sphere for they had been brought low by this mighty criticism. For behold the monolithic liberal media of which Mr. Goldberg reference must surely exist. Had not the National Review and Rush Limbaugh and all the great speakers of Conservatism agreed on this point?

Therefore it was clear that there was little difference between Dan Rather and
Atrios, or between Chris Matthews and Joshua Michah Marshall (Talking Points Memo). All were as one in the words of the Conservative scribes. Surely the way that the Monolithic Liberal Media jumped on the Jeff Gannon story to humiliate President Bush revealed that the depth of control that Liberal Bloggers had over the Monolithic Liberal Media.

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