Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Old Bait and Switch

Matt Towery has an interesting article today that suggests that President Bush's real goal with his Social Security plan is to keep attention away from other things that he and Congressional Republicans want.
Yes, the president is stubbornly bulldozing ahead on his quest to modify the Social Security system. And yes, the proposal is so convoluted and full of holes that it has engendered criticism from Republicans as well as Democrats. Take this open GOP dissent as a tip-off that the whole passion play over Social Security reform may have been authored with a hidden method to the apparent madness.

Even as the White House chases its tail and takes a lashing from top Republican brass over the reform policy, it is at the same time starting to cash in chits on other issues from Republicans -- and from many red-state Democrats who are scared about their re-election chances next year.

A prime example was the recent passage of new sweeping bankruptcy laws.
This is an interesting theory.

On the other hand, he suggests that Democratic Senators who supported the Bankruptcy bill are afraid of red-state voters, and so supported the Program out of fear. I kind of hope that none of them are stupid enough to do that, because it plainly wouldn't work. For one thing, the Republican Party and the President are going to try to unseat them regardless of how they vote on this measure. For another, the Bankruptcy bill is not something that is going to win them votes. Campaign contributions, yeah, probably. But not votes.

What's the Congressperson going to say? "My fellow citizens, I helped pass a law that ensured that if you have a medical emergency, you'll lose your house!"" Not sure how that will play out on the campaign trail. Truthfully I'm pretty sure there is a good reason the vote was held as far away from the next time these guys have to stand for election as possible.

Towery does also say some nice things about Dan Rather, at the end of his article. So that's nice.

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