Sunday, March 06, 2005

Postcard From the Monster

Well here's the new postcard. Those of you with tender feelings may not want to read it.


Those be monster words of lamentation. For I the monster have been rejected. My female monster friend has rejected me. She say I try to giv her chickens or cows p but I just give her gazelles that Bryant finally gave me. Good gazelles. And Bryant, being thoughtful despite what me say earlier, even cut the off all the bones and fur and just gave chunks of delicious gazelle.

But Female Monster say it no taste like Gazelle but like Chicken.

And she say Monster too small for scarying people. That be not true. Monster normal size not too big, but monster can change size. Like in photo above, when I was at Spartenburg in South Carolina in 1908. Look at how big monster be. You know laugh if you see a monster like that walking down the street.

Monster say he was tired of girl monster anyway. Plenty of Monster Fish in the Sea!

Monster say he sick of looking at you people. Monster say goodbye.
Anyway I . . . well obviously I am shocked at what happened with that Gazelle Meat I sent the monster. We'll have to hope the monster can pull it together enough to appear in next weeks logo.

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