Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Those kids today

Tony Blankley's latest is about how the gossip industry is apparently being undercut by those rotten internet gossipers. Apparently it's harder than it used to be for the print gossipists. And Mr. Blankley places the blame on, well, guys without basements.
But today, inexperienced youthful readers are willing to consume cheaply produced rumors by unlicensed persons in their basements -- if they even have basements. Knowing the type, they probably only have lofts. Having a basement suggests a substantial building of multiple stories. But today's decadent youth don't care from where they get their rumors.
I should note at this point that recycling the title "Sometimes I Can't Tell the Difference between Parody and Reality" might have been a good idea. Mr. Blankley is either decrying teh internet destroying traditional media outlets or he is "praising with faint damns" those internet guys who are going to dstroy the traditional media outlets. Hard to tell which.

And what's with the bashing of people without basements?

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