Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Go Do This Now!

Look at this video and consider the future. Also, I'm not going to summarize it, and the rest of this article won't make much sense if you don't watch it (but if you are pressed for time, there is a transcript there too, towards the bottom).

First of all, Googlezon sounds a bit like a German cheese. And not a very tasty one.

Secondly, I'm not sure if the Supreme Court would really rule that way. It would depend on how invisible the technology were. If what it created were something like a blog post, with a link to the original story and clearly marked quotations, than the New York Times would have little grounds to sue. Or to put it another way, there'd be no reason not to sue Atrios or, well, me, as well as Googlezon.

I also think they spend too little time on the advertising side, and the potential synergy between advertisers and news providers.

Still worth thinking about. So go see the movie and think about it. And then post your thoughts in the comments section. And then go have an ice cream sundae (or whatever treat is appropriate).

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