Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The American Indian and the American Baptist

Terence Jeffrey writes an interesting, but confused article over at Townhall today. He starts out reiterating the point that Christians should be allowed to put up monuments to the Ten Commandments any where they please by referencing a case in Kentucky.

Where it gets confused is that then Mr. Jeffrey takes on an exhibit at the Smithsonian on the American Indian which apparently presents American Indian religious beliefs uncritically (or, at any rate, not critically enough for Mr. Jeffrey). Unfortunately, as in many of these sorts of arguments, Mr. Jeffrey can't quite decide what his point is. Is it that this American Indian museum is crap? Or is it that the monument to the Ten Commandments is being unfairly discriminated against?

It seems clear that, in Mr. Jeffrey's world, the American Indian exhibit would be very different (focused on the ennobling nature of Christianity, and the perceived evils of Native American life before being conquered), and the statue of the Ten Commandments would be uncontroversial. Or in other words, Mainstream Christians have their beliefs enshrined in the public square and other religions can wait on the back burner (if at all).

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