Monday, March 21, 2005

The Schavio Case

I haven't spoken much on this issue because it seems like such a personal issue and one in which I might offend people. But things are quiet today, so just let me say this.

I find it offensive that the Republicans are trying to make political hay over this very personal issue. I can feel for both the parents and the husband in this case--but I see only one party trying to use Ms. Schavio as a club to bash their political opponents with.

I could comment on the apparent lack of confidence the Republicans are displaying in their own beliefs that this and other actions reveal. They feel that their ideas cannot stand up to criticism or to opposition and therefore the only solution they see is to totally humiliate and eliminate their political rivals. And this is just another example of how they are trying to accomplish this goal.

Anyway just some random thoughts. Oh and I guess you all knew that President Bush signed a state statute, as Governor, that allows a hospital committee to, over the opposition of the family, terminate further life-support if they feel such life support would be futile. Yeah. But when continuing life costs a hospital money, well, that's a different situation.

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