Friday, March 18, 2005

Round the Horn With Extra Extras

I'm not sure what those extras will be but they will be extra.

Bark Bark Wolf Wolf has some info on two figures on the right who might get dragged into the Tom Delay debacle. Grover Norquist in particular is a baddy, so I wouldn't mind that at all.

iddybud has some thoughts on the potential for a second run by John Edwards and the news that Edwards will soon be Podcasting.

LEFT is RIGHT has some comments by Senate Minority Leaders Harry Reid on the Blogging Phenomonen.

Republican Sinners has a bit on Tom Delay and the sin of Greed.

Hey Respectful of Otters is back. We should all take the day off to celebrate. And by all I mostly mean me. But anyway let's se what she's got. Hey she's got an article on the Libstadt Case (which involved denying the holocaust and bad sportsmanship) and "media balance." Seriously, though, it's good to have her back.

Scrutiny Hooligans has some news on Oil Production in the Middle East which is not that hopeful, I'm afraid.

Sooner Thought has an article by a former Congressional Candidate on the lack of a Democratic Message.

Speedkill has an explanation of how one is nominated for the Nobel Prize. Apparently it really is all political.

THE FULCRUM has some thoughts on the opening of ANWR to oil exploitation.

The Invisible Library has some thoughts about boys reading and about access to information that are well worth considering.

And that's it for another week. Oh, those of you who enjoyed the Gothem City 13, the dude has a new blog called In Search of Telford. Go give it a gander.

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