Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A Grabber !

Here's a good title to an editorial by Star Parker.
Social Security reform threatened by elitist liberals.
It's clear and concise, and tells you everything you need to know right up front. There's an attempt to reform Social Security, but it is being stopped by elitist liberals. And we all know that elitist liberals are bad. Bad bad bad.

I haven't actually read the article yet--just impressed with the title. Of course, Ms. Star Parker had another grabber of a title a couple of weeks ago. What was it? Oh yes.
End Social Security
See that is a grabber too. Just looking at it you know where Ms. Parker stands. But of course you have to wonder what she means by Social Security Reform there in today's title. I guess, since she is in favor of ending Social Security the version of reform that Liberal Elitists are stopping is either ending Social Security or like ending Social Security?

If that's so, I guess I'm pretty comfortable with liberal elitists trying to stop it.

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