Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Pretending to See the Future

This is an old OMD song if memory serves, and while I can't remember the song, I do like the title.

Michael Moore, appearing on Kieth Olberman's show, said, "Gustav is proof that there is a God in Heaven." This is unfortunate. He did, later in the broadcast clarify that he hoped that nobody would get hurt in the storm. He has since written a longer letter clarifying the joke, such as it was, and begging God not to hit New Orleans with another Hurricane. It's well worth reading as it does put his comments into perspective.

But of course that isn't going to stop Conservatives from taking the damning quote, repeating it endlessly, and claiming that Liberals want destruction so long as it hurts Republicans. Conservatives like Mike Gallagher.
Rotund filmmaker (propagandist) Michael Moore writes that Gustav is God's wrath upon the dirty, evil Republicans and seems to be wishing for as much death and destruction as possible in order to ruin the impact of the convention.

It isn't in an evildoer like Michael Moore's DNA to understand that for most decent Americans, politics takes a back seat to people's safety. Don't kid yourself: the looney left is hoping for a whopper of a storm, the bigger the better. They figure it will take a hurricane to make people forget about the stunningly brilliant vice-presidential pick.
A few problems with Gallagher's article - Moore didn't write it, he said it. On the Kieth Olberman Show. What he wrote was a plea for God to turn aside the storm.

But on the other hand, this is all entirely predictable. Moore, at this point, has to know how that sort of comment is going to be seen, and if he doesn't he's kind of a moron. Why give them that ammo? What purpose did it serve?

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