Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fear the Democrats!

Douglas McKinnon has written an article that was very popular 4 years ago and I suspect will be increasingly popular as this election heats up. Basically it's the old saw about how you need to vote for Republicans or we are all going to die. And of course the Terrorists are big Obama supporters.
All who are honest about this subject know that the terrorists would least like to see McCain get elected.
Honestly, though, McKinnons article reeks of desperation. First of all, again and again he reminds us that the American people see through the Democrats propaganda.
Contrary to the smug and biased beliefs of the liberal media, the American electorate is astute and up on its current events. Voters recognize that terrorism is not only the defining issue of our time, but one that will most likely be with them for the rest of their lives.

. . . With John McCain, most of these Pentagon and military officials — and most of the American people — know exactly what they are getting.
Yep, McKinnon's faith in the American people is touching, but perhaps misplaced. Or to put it another way, I have faith in there ability to recognize the failures of the Bush Administration, and their wisdom to note that McCain isn't likely to change much of what President Bush.

He also praises the hell out of Joe Lieberman. Lieberman will be caucusing with the Republicans next year.

Anyway the article is annoying it's predictability, but it's desperation is pleasant to see.

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