Monday, September 29, 2008

Mike S. Adams is Lazy

His latest article consists of pasting a list of professors in UNC Wilmington's Woman's Studies Minor program, and then attaching their party affiliation. Apparently this is to take a potshot at Jose Hernandez who is coming to UNC Wilmington to serve as Association Provost of Institutional Diversity and Inclusiveness.

But he's not content to simply say that the Woman's Studies program should include more Republicans. No, he also takes several pot shots at Hernandez for being a Latino, starting with the articles title, which is "Jose, can you see?"

I should do some research on what other students and faculty at UNC Wilmington think of Adam's crusade to humiliate his employer.

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TDinAA said...

Maybe you should go back and re-read that article. Try to be MORE diverse and inclusive of others thoughts.

He posted his opinion (and a good one) on how this new "position" - Associate Provost of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion - does the exact opposite. It excludes men, whites, religion, and republican viewpoints.

It serves 4 types - Hispanics, Women, and African Americans, and homosexuals. Noble in thought I'm sure...but hardly "diverse" in thought. When everyone on the panel is the same (in thinking, gender and political party) that my dear is hardly diverse.

He is trying to point out a few areas that aren't "diverse". Having all teachers in the WSM program that are a) female and b) democrats or marxist leaning - would be exactly opposite of diversity.

He is pointing out the hypocrisy (and discrimination) inherent at most major universities. In that these so called "diversity and inclusion" initiatives rarely include all viewpoints and in most instances are filled with radical, left wing, bitter women who are angry at white males, women who don't share their radical views, and religion. Or basically anyone that does feel oppressed.