Friday, September 12, 2008

Just Checking

If I wrote an article about the danger posed by Jews and used as one of my key example of the creeping Jewish Menace the existence of Kosher Butchers, Kosher Delis and Kosher Salt, you'd think I was not only a bigot but also kind of insane right?

Cause that is a point in Diana West's latest article, which argues that since 9/11 we've become a more Islamic society.
Meanwhile, the undermining reach of Islamic law stretches across American society, from the hilltop farm in rural Vermont, where goats are now raised to be slaughtered according to Islamic law, to Wall Street, where once-mighty financial institutions, some of them having become trinkets of Islamic potentates, now adapt themselves to Sharia banking practices, to Washington, D.C., where stately government buildings have been ringed in quasi-medieval, high tech anti-jihad defenses.
So out of her three points, one is that goats are killed according to Islamic Law and one is that Washington has set up security systems? Since when are heightened security systems a symbol of Islam? And aren't those systems put in place by the Bush administration?

If security systems are a symbol of accommodating Islam, I shudder to think what Diana West would like to see as far as fighting back.

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