Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm Down

But not for the reasons Ann Coulter suggests in her latest article.
Morose that there hasn't been another terrorist attack on American soil for seven long years, liberals were ecstatic when Hurricane Gustav was headed toward New Orleans during the Republican National Convention last week.
Honest to god, if you really believed Liberals are disappointed that terrorists haven't managed to kill more Americans in the last 7 years, what are the implications of that belief? Why are you willing to go on TV with liberals? I mean if they are that crazed, that traitorous, why? If you believe that they are waiting for, praying for, more deaths, how do you restrain yourself from socking them?

Unless you don't really believe it and are engaging in some hypothetical exaggeration to make a point about, well, about how crazy and traitorous liberals are.

Anyway the rest of her article illustrates what I was talking about earlier; Republicans think the Bush years have been totally successful and don't get why they have to run against his record now. Most Conservatives live close enough to reality that they accept that they have to. Coulter, blissfully off in la la land, does not.

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