Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some other Expressions the Obama Camp may not want to use

When Pigs Fly - as in "With McCain in office, we'll have to wait till when pigs fly before we bring our troops home from Iraq.

Pig in a Poke - as in "The American Voters need to be careful, when looking at a McCain Presidency, that they don't get stuck with a pig in a poke."

Make a Pig's Ear - as in "If McCain and Palin get into office you can be sure they will make a pig's ear out of it."

Pearls before Swine - as in "I don't want to get down in the gutter with McCain; I don't want to throw my pearls before swine."

High on the Hog - as in "If McCain and Palin are elected, expect corporate america to be High on the Hog."

Guinea Pig - as in "We don't need America to be the guinea pig in Sarah Palin's uninformed experiments."

For those who don't know Obama used the phrase put lipstick on a pig in referring to how McCain and Palin, who are pretending to be mavericks but are really the same sort of Republicans who have been running this country for the past 8 years. The sensitive Ms. Palin, the sensitive McCain Campaign, and the ultra-sensitive conservative commentator corps have interpreted that to mean he called Sarah Palin a pig. Nonsensical I know.

Frankly I think the whole thing is ridiculous - if Sarah Palin is shedding any tears over being called a pig, I am sure they are crocodile tears.

Wait, did I just call her a crocodile? Back the dictionary of idioms.

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