Monday, September 29, 2008

Racism and Obama

There seems to have been and injection of race into the election recently. Specifically some are wondering whether or not Obama is in more trouble because of his race. This has led some, like Austin Hill in his latest article, to hastily say that there are lots of good reasons to vote against Obama that have nothing to do with his race.
But the fact that there is racial tension in America is not “news.” And those who have been sounding the alarm about a possible “racial rejection” of Obama seem to assume that, race aside, there is nothing “unlovable” about Barack.

This is inaccurate. Many of us are appalled at the “moral equivalency” that Obama has expressed in his analysis of the democracy of Israel, and the terrorist state of Iran.
What Hill is conveniently ignoring is that he is talking about people who already wouldn't vote for Obama. He's talking about conservatives like himself. But nobody thinks that for him and hardcore conservatives the only sticking point is that Obama is black. Look at the thrashing your colleagues gave John Kerry. You hate Democrats and you hate Liberals so it's naturally for you not to be to keen on Obama.

The issue isn't whether hard core conservative are turned off by his race. The issue is whether or not life-long democrats, who generally agree with Obama's positions, are going to be turned off by his race.

For the record while this will be an issue I don't think it will be as critical as some take it to be. Obama's performance on Friday was very strong, and I think most moderates and liberals who look at Obama with an open mind are going to be impressed.

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