Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Compare and Contrast

Remember how I said that it was unlikely that the Conservative Base would cotton to David Brooks suggestion that McCain promise to work with Democrats? Well Cal Thomas agrees, in his latest article.
While John McCain promised those gathered at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul that he would "reach across the aisle" and put Democrats and Independents in a McCain administration, Democrats are busy sending out fund-raising letters asking for donations so they can win a "gridlock-proof Senate majority" and won't have to compromise with Republicans.

Where are principles in this? Why aren't conservatives arguing in favor of the superiority of their ideas rather than attempting to win "Miss Congeniality" awards from liberals?
So there you go. I'm right again. But then Thomas who gains points by agreeing with me, loses them by being a dope.
A national telephone survey by Rasmussen Reports, posted Aug. 27, finds that just 9 percent of likely voters give Congress positive ratings, while 51 percent say it's doing a poor job. This is an issue McCain should embrace. Harry Truman made the Republican "do-nothing Congress" an effective campaign issue in 1948 and while lightning rarely strikes twice in politics, McCain might consider a similar tactic.
The problem with this strategy is pretty obvious. The Democratic Congress looks crummy because it isn't doing enough to stop President Bush. They are seen as spineless and weak, because, well, they are spineless and weak.

But since McCain largely agrees with President Bush, well, it's hard for him to make the case that Congress should be fighting President Bush with more fervor. Drilling gives him an opening (because Democratic Congresscritters have not successfully articulated why the Drill Here, Drill Now program is a poor idea), but it's not a big enough opening I should think.

Unless it turns out the American people don't like the "do-nothing" congress but aren't really sure what they want them to do. Which is, regrettably, totally possible.

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