Thursday, September 11, 2008

Words Obama Will Regret

This is the title of Ken Blackwell's latest article. You'd think those words would be the Pig in Lipstick comment. But not so much, as it turns out.
On Monday, Senator Obama uttered one sentence that could haunt him until Election Day. He said of Senator McCain and Governor Palin telling voters they would bring change, “they must think you’re stupid.” Given his stances on the surge, social issues, and his past, Mr. Obama will regret those words.
OK. Well I think the lipstick comment will haunt him more (although perhaps that's what he is referring to), but truthfully the Republicans are adept at spinning anything into a terrible gaffe. So something like that was likely to happen down the road.

Anyway if that's the line Blackwell thinks is so terrible, you'd think the rest of his article would be about how McCain and Palin can actually bring about change. I mean if Obama is saying they are going to be more of the same failed Bush Policies, would Blackwell want to argue that, instead, McCain and Palin are going to be a breath of fresh air?

But instead, Blackwell just transcribes the standard attacks on Obama. He'll take away your guns, he's pro-abortion, he's got some unfortunate friends, and he opposed the Iraq war. Darn that Obama.

I suspect the problem is that the Republicans have worked out that President Bush is not as popular with the American people as he is with them. But they don't like it. In their minds if McCain promised to continue the Bush/Cheney programs, it would be a huge plus in their minds. Instead McCain is running as a maverick who will bring change to the White House. So conservatives are stuck defending something they think is pretty dumb to begin with, and end up writing articles like this.

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