Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Speaker Pelosi

Apparently before the vote yesterday (on the single most important bill in the history of mankind to bail out the banking industry), Nancy Pelosi gave a partisan speech that, apparently, caused about a dozen Republicans to abandon the most important bill in the history of mankind out of spite.

Now I'm not sure Pelosi showed good judgment; that said, I'm not sure Republicans want to trumpet that as a reason for not supporting the bill. I'm kind of with conservative Matt Lewis on this one.
I applaud conservatives who opposed this bill on ideological grounds. Voting "no" because a congressman philosophically opposed this bill would certainly have been appropriate and reasonable. However, if Republicans think the American people will side with them on voting "no" -- because they were upset with Pelosi's speech -- I think they are terribly mistaken.

Personal slights and "snubs" should not influence ones vote on an important issue such as this. A congressman's decision to vote for -- or against -- the bill should be based solely on whether or not they believe it is best for the country. Pelosi's remarks should be irrelevant.
He also references the incident with Newt Gingrich on Air Force One, and how that turned out for Republicans.

Oh and I'm slightly exaggerating when I call it the most important bill in the history of mankind.

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