Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dick Morris's Political Advice

Dick Morris's advice for McCain going into this first debate is that he should make an issue of Obama's tax plans. Great advice. Really solid. Except of course that the first debate is slated to cover "Foreign policy and national security issues." That doesn't seem like a great forum to bring up tax policy in.
Jim Lehrer. - "Senator McCain, what changes would you envision making to better protect American citizens?"

McCain(R) - "Well one change I won't be making is raising anybody's taxes, like my esteemed colleague here. No I'll be keeping taxes low so as to keep our economy strong."

Jim Lehrer - "OK. But for national security?"

McCain(R) - "National security is important, but you know what else is important? Job Security. And Job Security will be threatened if Obama's plans to increase taxes goes through."
I better stop. This is actually starting to feel kind of plausible. Anyway I think it's safe to assume that Friday's debate will be mostly about foreign policy, which won't leave a lot of room for talking about tax policy.

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