Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sarah Palin and The Vice Presidency

Well we are getting down to the wire, aren't we? The Vice Presidential Debate is Thursday, and people are wondering if Sarah Palin is ready for prime time. A lot of people, both Liberals and Conservatives, are wringing their hands at how poor Sarah Palin got thrust into this role she wasn't ready for and isn't it a pity?

Not so much, according to an article by Rebecca Traister, over at Salon. She points out correctly that Palin chose this path. She decided to accept the nomination.
Shaking our heads and wringing our hands in sympathy with Sarah Palin is a disservice to every woman who has ever been unfairly dismissed based on her gender, because this is an utterly fair dismissal, based on an utter lack of ability and readiness. It's a disservice to minority populations of every stripe whose place in the political spectrum has been unfairly spotlighted as mere tokenism; it is a disservice to women throughout this country who have gone from watching a woman who -- love her or hate her -- was able to show us what female leadership could look like to squirming in front of their televisions as they watch the woman sent to replace her struggle to string a complete sentence together.
Yeah, that makes sense to me.

That said, of course American Conservative have separate filters that permit them to see Palin as wise and good, and perhaps more importantly allows them to see her detractors as evil elitists.

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