Monday, September 15, 2008

I think Mike S. Adams is trying to get fired

For those who don't know, Adams is a professor at UNC Wilmington who writes article after article about how lousy it is to be a professor and a conservative. But now I'm really starting to wonder if he wants to keep his job at all.

I don't know - being a teacher probably does kind of suck. I'll bet being a commentator who writes about how lousy it is to be a conservative teacher is a lot easier. He could sit around in his underwear all day writing nasty articles that will be only marginally more divorced from reality.

Anyway his latest is on how angry he is that he and his colleagues have to attend mandatory sexual harassment training. I guess Adams already feels that he is sufficiently skilled at harassing his female associates. So he and his clique will be attending and disrupting every sexual harassment training session they can. With really thought provoking questions like this one.
5. Let’s say a black professor complains about racism so often that we just let him fornicate with his white students in order to get him to shut up. Is this an example of sexual harassment against women? Or racial harassment against white professors? Just curious.
Yeah - that's the sort of question that makes you think. Mostly about how Adams's brain must not work properly, but at least it's thought.

At any rate, I look forward to Adams eventually departure from the halls of academia. Seems like he'll be more comfortable at home.

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