Friday, August 29, 2008

Dick Morris's Political Advice

Well, I suppose it's Dick Morris and Eileen McGann. Not sure how that partnership works, but she must be in there for a reason. Anyway they think that McCain has an opening he should exploit.
In speech after speech, the Democrats knock the Bush record and then add, lamely, that McCain is the same as Bush. Or they call the McCain candidacy Bush’s third term. It was no accident — or Freudian slip — when Joe Biden spoke of John Bush instead of George in his litany of attacks.

This pattern of shooting at the decoy, not the duck, gives McCain a bold strategic opportunity. He can nullify the impact of the entire Democratic convention simply by distancing himself from Bush.
The problem with this strategy is that the Republican base likes Bush, and are suspicious of McCain. McCain distancing himself from Bush will look a lot like McCain distancing himself from his own base, and I'm not sure that's a winning strategy.

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