Thursday, August 07, 2008

Adkisson News Watch

Adkisson's lawyer may get to look at his "manifesto" today. And he's apparently going to go for the insanity plea. According to the Knoxville Knews. That manifesto is interesting; the police have given the gist of it - he wanted to kill liberals and homosexuals. But the manifesto itself has not been released. I don't know if it will be down the road; right now this story isn't getting a lot of national attention.

I suspect this is intended as satire, but STR The Freedom Blog has a somewhat bizarre take on the Adkisson Murders.
At the worst possible moment Jim’s concealed assault rifle accidentally discharged into 22 different church-members. While tragic, the liberal media’s knee-jerk reaction has been to try to say this is a ‘Hate Crime’. But at STR we know to ask the tough questions, and is this what America has sunk to when accidentally discharging an assault rifle in a church filled with women and children is now defined as ‘Hate’?
I think that guy is mental, one way or the other. But mostly I suspect he's trying to get guys like me pissed at him by being an insensitive asshole. Kind of pathetic.

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