Monday, August 18, 2008

Buying your Bluff

Just read Doug Giles latest article, in which he takes aim at the fictional people who worship Barack Obama.
Hey, Obama crowd, chill out with the lock step, okay? Really . . . What kind of adult gets this excited over another human being? Call me jaded, but I look at my own wizards of political Oz with a jaundiced eye. I believe you’re setting yourself and your darling, untested candidate up—should he get into the Whitehouse—to thud on the ground like Geri Halliwell’s last CD did. For God’s sake, Obama-ites, God can barely live up to the hype you guys are giving the young Hussein. You’re tripping way too hard over the grossly inexperienced junior state senator spawned from the scheming netherworld of Chicago based politics.
Well enthusiasm about a political candidate is hardly novel. People were excited about George W. Bush and they were excited about Bill Clinton.

I don't know where these people are who are uncritically supporting Obama, unless they are in his campaign. Certainly Obama got the Democratic nomination only after a long and hard fight which implies that at least some Democrats aren't in lock step with him as a candidate.

On the other hand good job on the Geri Halliwell reference - 2005 wasn't that long ago I guess. But of course we'll have to see how the Obama show performs in the fall before we can really see whether this is a solid reference or not.

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