Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Civilization Depends on You!

Liberals are pretty awful people, if you listen to conservatives. For example, we aren't all that keen on preserving civilization, according to Dennis Prager in his latest article, which covers the subject of tagging or graffiti. He has recently offered his opinion that it is acceptable for citizens to shoot to wound to protect their property from being defaced by graffiti. He was mocked for this view, and so offers his opinion as to why Liberals are just not as keen on protecting civilization, compared to Republicans.
. . . conservatives tend to view higher civilization as more fragile than the left views it. Conservatives believe the line between civilization and barbarism is under constant assault and is not necessarily enduring. That is one reason the right tends to have a higher regard for the police than does the left. Conservatives see the police as "the thin blue line" that separates civilization from barbarians.
You know I try not to see racism in everything Conservatives write; I genuinely believe that there are plenty of conservatives, even those writing articles for Townhall, who aren't racist at all (or at least no more racist than the rest of us).

But this argument, the idea we need to save society from "barbarians?" Come on. It's hard not to believe Prager and his readers don't know what color skin these barbarians have. He references it himself earlier in the argument (another reason Liberals don't favor blowing away Graffiti Taggers is that they might be Blacks or Hispanics).
I have no desire to see a graffiti vandal killed -- my position has always been that only those who cause death deserve death (that is why I oppose the death penalty for any crime except murder). But if enough taggers are wounded, their assault on civilization will decline dramatically. And if one accidentally dies? That would be a tragedy. But here is the bottom line: More innocent people will die if tagging is not stopped than if it is. Graffiti unchecked leads to worse crime.
Yeah a few dead colored people here and there is a small price to pay for protecting civilization.

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