Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Predictably Depressing - Conservative on John Edwards

Three articles over at Townhall today on the Edwards Scandal - and more to come for sure. Chuck Norris, who has positioned himself as a Conservative Spokesperson, and who includes plugs for two of his books (one already out, one soon to be published) in his brief article. My guess is that he'd like you to go buy his books. He writes this.
I believe leadership should be above reproach. I believe those who govern should lead also in civility and decency and that their character should be congruent with their call to office. Like parents to children, a nation's politicians' integrity and character should supersede its citizens. But as long as we the people tolerate leadership immorality and elect corrupt politicians, we cannot expect the heart and character of our nation to improve.
One problem with that particular argument, as regards John Edwards. He's a private citizen. He is no longer a member of the senate and although he ran for the Democratic Presidential nomination, he didn't get it. So, as it turns out, he's not in a leadership position.

I certainly agree, though, that leadership should be above reproach. Hey Chuck, did you hear that the Bush administration might have forged one of the key documents in the run up to the Iraq war?

Debra J. Saunders article is notable mostly for it's meanness (it's entitled "Not so Pretty Boy") and the somewhat brazen way it brings up McCain's infidelity.
Yes, McCain was married when he met his current wife, Cindy, in 1979. The former prisoner of war did pay a political price for his behavior. Last month, the Los Angeles Times reported how the breakup of McCain's first marriage "fractured" his relationship with President Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy.
Of course the fact that the media would spend time investigating the background of the Republican Presidential nominee is proof of it's bias. We'll ignore for a moment how many crazy claims that Media has repeated happily about Senator Obama.

Cal Thomas wrote an Edwards article as well, comparing the whole thing to Mamma Mia, which I guess he saw. Kind of dull for him, but he doesn't really get worked up unless it involves the "Muslim Menace."

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