Thursday, August 28, 2008

Michael Medved Just Isn't That Bright

Here are the opening paragraphs of Michael Medved's latest article.
Is the United States a land of limitless horizons, where hard work and big dreams enable people of humble background to scale dizzying heights of privilege and power?

Or is this a society of slammed doors and blocked opportunities, of a trapped middle class and shattered hope, where ordinary people can only provide a better life for their children with the help of an activist government and dramatic new policies?

The Denver Democrats insist that both descriptions are true, and they fail to acknowledge the obvious contradiction in the two primary messages of their convention.
I don't know Republicans keep telling us we are a God Fearing country while also lambasting us for watching pornography and having abortions. Isn't that the same sort of contradiction?

But to clear up this particular contradiction, Democrats believe that America is not a perfect country but we don't believe that it's hell on earth either. It's a good country, it has a lot of strengths. And a lot of people are getting ahead. But the hurdles are too high for some people in some communities. It's impressive that some people from those communities do well, but we want to make it so that all children born in those communities have access to the same sort of opportunities as kids born in our more affluent communities.

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