Monday, August 04, 2008

Adkisson News Watch

So far no new news. Conservatives are happily ignoring this story. Must be nice.

Good post over at Las Vegas Gleaner on the shooting. The last paragraph is key.
Having said that, if authorities were attributing a gunman's shooting spree to a hatred of conservatives, does anyone seriously believe that Hannity and friends would be showing the same restraint? After all, Hannity and his ilk, especially frequent Hannity guest and fellow smirking smarm-merchant Newt Gingrich, have never shied away from blaming liberals for high-profile shootings in the past.
Nope - if it had been a conservative hater we'd have a much bigger story on our hands. And the "liberal" media would go along for the ride, happily writing story after story about those murderous liberals.

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