Monday, August 11, 2008

Prelutsky - American Humorist

In the sense that he's not funny but is definitely an American. In his latest article he encourages people to follow their dreams. He then takes a shot at Al Gore.
And, finally, as I gazed out over those fresh, young faces, I would advise them to have nothing whatsoever to do with people who insist on using their computers to send Instant Messages. IMs, as they are better known, combine the worst aspects of phones and computers. Like phones, they are rude and obnoxious, demanding, like some bratty two-year-old, your complete and immediate attention; like computers, they require typing. I never believed Al Gore when he claimed to have invented the Internet, but I never doubted for a moment that he had a lot to do with foisting IMs on the rest of us. It has his carbon fingerprints all over it.
OK first of all, we all know that Al Gore never actually claimed to have invented the internet. He took credit for helping fund the creation of the internet, which he actually did. But some idiot got the story wrong, and idiots like Prelutsky have been repeating that idiocy for years, carefully never learning the truth.

Secondly, how much sense does it make to blame Al Gore for IMs while assuring us he had nothing to do with creating the internet? The joke makes no sense, and the addition of Carbon Footprint makes even less sense.

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