Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Persistant Rumors

Frank J. Gaffney Jr.'s latest article is pretty despicable.
Democratic presidential candidate Barak Obama’s appearance before a large evangelical congregation in Orange County over the weekend underscored an evident imperative of his campaign: Emphasize his Christian faith and put to rest insistent rumors that he secretly adheres to the Islamic creed of his father and youth.

The effort to minimize any grounds for fearing Obama has an abiding, if covert, attachment to Islam has prompted him to risk offending Muslims in order to avoid off-message controversies and photo ops.
I wonder why those insistent rumors persist? I mean what could be keeping them alive? Could it be Gaffney and his colleagues (such as James Corsi) repeating them ad naseum?

Yeah I guess that could explain it. And of course Gaffney's article is designed to create in your mind the impression that Obama is probably a covert Muslim.

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