Thursday, August 07, 2008

Rush Limbaugh on Energy

Rush Limbaugh has one sort of Energy he likes, and that's Oil and Gas. All other energy, all talk of conservation, he just isn't into. Oil is it. So any talk that we need to develop alternatives to oil, or that we need to conserve oil, or that we need to not be so dependent on the middle east for our oil, well, it just upsets him.
The dirty little secret is we've been investing in these things (alternatives to oil) for years and they haven't done diddly-squat, in terms of replacing oil, which is what these people want. This kick that they're on to replace oil, where does this come from, even politically? Is there polling data out there that says a majority of the Americans hate oil, that the way to the White House is to demonize oil? Where did this come from? This is irrational. It borders on the insane to hate oil. A lot of things can damage things just like oil can, if it's not properly contained and used. I just don't understand this.

Well, I do, but I mean I'm trying to express my incredulity here at the absolute stupidity of assuming a position. This is like coming out against oxygen, or it's like arguing against rain. It's just silly! What is the damage? How has oil destroyed America? How has it destroyed people's lives? It's done just the opposite. Where does this come from? What in the world is the political calculation these people have to construct a presidential campaign based on the hatred of oil, as though oil itself is a conservative Republican? They're treating oil as if it's no different than Bush. They hate Bush; they hate oil.
It is kind of fascinating. Rush is so dedicated to oil and oil companies, it's almost like he's a paid spokesman for the oil industry.
So this hatred for oil, aside from the environmental concerns, you know what else it is, folks? Do you know what else it is? They don't control it. The left doesn't control it. The left and the Democrat Party don't control oil. Oil is the fuel of the engine of freedom, and they don't like it, and they don't control it. Anything they don't control, any industry, they hate.
Yeah, I guess if you set aside the environmental concerns, hatred for Oil is pretty irrational - wait, you'd also have to set aside concerns that we might not have enough of it for the long term. And concerns that our purchase of oil from the middle east is funding people we don't like. And the fact that oil companies continue to make enormous profits while squeezing the consumer dry. But if you set all that aside, well, wanting to get off oil is pretty irrational.

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