Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Cal Thomas Complains about the Tone of American Political Discourse

Yep. He's upset. And he's written an article about it.
This is what passes for modern political discourse. Conservative says to liberal: "You're ruining America." Liberal responds, "No, you're ruining America." Conservative: "You're a communist." Liberal: You're a fascist." Conservative: "You're a secular humanist." Liberal: "You're a Bible-thumping bigot." Host of cable program: "We'll be back with more civil discussion after these messages."

Do these guys really believe what they're saying about each other? If so, perhaps we need two different candidates.
Of course Thomas then goes on to lambaste Obama, while confining his criticism of McCain to wondering if he will stick to his principles once in office.

And given Thomas's articles on how liberal Christianity isn't real Christianity, I'm not sure he's the best

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