Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sometimes you just know

Like when I read the title of Cal Thomas's latest piece o' crap "Hillary on her Faith." You just know you are going to write about it before you even read it. His central point is that Hillary's Christianity is Liberal Christianity and thus not Christianity at all.
Liberal faith, which is to say a faith that discounts the authority of Scripture in favor of a constantly evolving, poll-tested relevancy to modern concerns - such as the environment, what kind of SUV Jesus would drive, larger government programs and other "do-good" pursuits - ultimately morphs into societal and self-improvement efforts and jettisons the life-changing message of salvation, forgiveness of sins and a transformed life.
That's a pretty biased way of looking at it, but no more I suppose than suggesting that Mr. Thomas's faith is a way of separating himself from a rabble of mankind he clearly looks down his nose at, a sort of cosmic "get out of jail free" card that excuses one all one's mistakes so long as one is careful to condemn the right people.

Thomas then says that since Hillary Clinton's faith doesn't count, she shouldn't mention it on the campaign trail.
Sen. Clinton is entitled to whatever faith she wants to practice, but when she uses it as an election tactic, she should not be allowed to alter classic Christian theology.
President Bush's Christianity apparently allows him to bear false witness and excuses him of the classic Christian theology of doing an honest days work. But I suspect that since he hates gays, Cal Thomas isn't bothered by that.

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