Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Conspiculous by It's Absense

Dennis Prager has taken on the recent set of books promoting Atheism, in his latest article. Surprisingly he believes these books have a point. He notes that our enemies in the war on terror are giving religion a bad name, while in the west, Judaeo -Christianity is either liberal and weak, or fails to give a good account of itself.
Finally, many of the traditionally religious have gravitated away from rational beliefs into irrational, mystical and emotional religiosity. And on those occasions when they speak to the irreligious, they often talk to them just as they would to fellow religionists.
Of course what Prager fails to discuss (hence my title to this post) is the power that Conservative Christians already clearly wield in this administration. I mean, yeah, Homosexuals are still allowed to exist and Roe V. Wade is still the law of the land, but The President has been very careful to underline his Christian Faith as he led us into the foolish Iraq conflict. But I can see why Prager wouldn't bring that up, as he also supports attacking Muslims.

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