Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Congress and the President

Bill Murchinson's latest article is designed to make people see what a bad job Congress are doing. For one thing, they've been critical of the President.
The cold war bipartisanship that obtained as to foreign policy is itself cold. Every time the leader of the Senate's majority Democrats, Harry Reid of Nevada, opens his mouth about Iraq, out pours a torrent of scorn and abuse more likely to inspire al-Qaeda than the 160,000 troops giving the war their last and best shot.

A few days ago, the noted Democratic statesman and Delaware Senator Joe Biden pronounced the president "brain dead." We all have to admire the senator's gift for delicate and constructive expression.
Yes if only Congress would unite behind President Bush, surely they'd be popular once again. He ends with this poetic image.
A point upon which the Democrats might reflect is that -- bad as the Republicans are -- they don't impart to Congress the look of the snake pit: coiled cobras hissing, slithering, striking from the darkness.
Poetic yes. Accurate? Not so much.

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