Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Look our plans are bad but at least we have them

Such is the message of Bill Murchinson's latest article, in which he takes Democrats to task for criticizing President Bush (which is, apparently, bad). He lists caricatures of Democratic Positions (including such things as "rich people are too rich" and "taxes should rise") and asks if Democratic really believe those things and will fight for them once they get into power.

This is an easy way to paint your political enemies I admit; rather than grapple with their actual positions, just make up some. Easier all around.

And having made up positions for Democrats, explained why they don't really support the positions he's made up for them, Murchinson explains why they feel compelled to pretend to the positions he's made up for them.
So what eats at these people, these Democrats? One more reasonable guess and I'll quit: Opportunism eats at them, gnaws their ankles, consumes their innards. The Democrats frankly don't care what they say so long as whatever it is appears to inflame the voters, stir discontent with the present Republican regime; so long as it seems to lift the Democratic party a little nearer to the goal of power.

Yes, power, wonderful power! Power to stick it to those who took power from you; to pay them back good; to rub their noses in powerlessness and humiliation. I'd say that's the motive power of the Democrats right now: payback, vengeance, revenge.
Unlike Republicans who do not desire power, I assume. Or who aren't motivated by a desire to slash their enemies (See, for example, that delicate and loving soul, Ann Coulter).

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