Monday, July 16, 2007

Republicans own the Iraq War

Rush is fond of saying that Democrats own Defeat, by which he means that since Democrats have questioned the wisdom of staying in Iraq, if we fail in Iraq America will not blame the people who created, guided, and managed the Iraq war. Rather it will be those who noted that it didn't seem to be going well. Kind of weird, but he might be right. The American people are funny that way.

On the other hand, the Republicans are clearly the party that favors continuing the Iraq war, and despite some people's opinions, the Republican Party Base (aka Republican Primary Voters, requires them to support it. Or such is the theme of a recent post by Glenn Greenwald over at Salon.
It is not support for the Iraq war which dooms a GOP presidential candidacy, but the opposite: any real questioning of the wisdom of the war or any agitating for withdrawal or opposition to Bush's commitment would immediately and single-handedly destroy the viability of a GOP candidacy.
We need to underline this; if you feel like President Bush's policies in Iraq haven't been ideal, than you need to ask yourself if you want to put a Republican in the White House who has promised, more or less, to continue them.

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