Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ann Coulter Pulls Back the Fox News Curtain

Ann Coulter's latest article is on the Democratic CNN/YouTube debate, and it's not very good. Mostly it's about how Barack Obama claims to have had a hard time getting a cab in New York City, and that's probably a lie (because Guiliani fixed that problem, apparently. But it's the first paragraph of the article that I find most revealing.
Fox News ought to buy a copy of Monday's Democrat debate on CNN to play over and over during the general election campaign. For now, the Democratic candidates need to appeal only to their nut-base. So on Monday night, the candidates casually spouted liberal conspiracy theories that would frighten normal Americans, but are guaranteed to warm the hearts of losers blogging from their mother's basements.
For the record, I am not blogging from my mother's basement, which would be quite a feat in more ways than one.

For another, doesn't this make it clear, for those with any doubts, whose side Fox News is on?

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