Monday, July 16, 2007

You don't need to make sense when you are Traditional

Doug Giles latest article is about how much traditional Americans need to fight against the secularists, by which, as near as I can tell, he means the inhabitants of America's insane asylums.
Of the many mental things the secularist suffers from, two primary pains motivate them to work against the universe: 1) a repulsion towards God and 2) a massive American History memory loss.

Being saddled with these sicknesses, instead of seeking healing or having an exorcism or joining MA (Misguided Anonymous) or just moving to Holland where they’ll be nice and comfy, they have chosen rather to create a new United States of Sassy Secularists in which the traditionalist is kicked to the curb and their novel material girls get to govern.
I'm a secularist, and I suffer from neither a repulsion towards God nor a massive American History memory loss. Instead I am struggling with a repulsion towards Giles.

He encourages his fellow traditionalists in the Conservative movement to resist the evil secularists, drawing, parable like, on an experience or image they can all understand.
The traditionalist who’s worth his salt will not put on ButtSmacker lip balm and kiss the chunky backside of the secularists when they jam it in his face for an acquiescing smooch. No sir. No way. Not now. Not ever.
ButtSmacker Lip Balm? I must have missed that one, last time I was buying lip balm.

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