Monday, July 23, 2007

A real Conversation about Faith and Politics

Involves Democrats and Liberals admitting that they are basically bad Christians, apparently. This is the theme of Paul Edwards latest article.
The facts are that Senator Clinton, at every opportunity, has voted in lock-step with the liberal Democratic Party on abortion.

. . . If indeed Senator Clinton, as a devout Methodist, is morally opposed to abortion the courage of her convictions should prompt her to stand against the immorality of the Democratic Party platform on the issue of choice. But the Senator’s morality goes only so far. Her faith tells her that abortion is morally wrong. But her faith doesn’t seem to inform her morals on the issue of the behavior that produces the need for abortion in the first place. Which brings us full circle to my original point: Democrats read the Bible with the lens magnifying the social justice texts while seemingly blinded to the texts that call for upholding the sanctity of human life.

For there to be a real conversation on the faith of politicians and its influence on their candidacies there must first be agreement on the need to read and apply the whole Bible, not just the parts that fit our particular political ideology. It’s a lesson candidates from both parties need to master.
That last line, incidentally, is total CYA BS. He's not interested in looking at Republicans who constantly favor the oppressors over the oppressed, for example. He's only interested in making hay over the abortion issue.

What's doubly frustrating is that he asks stupid questions that Hillary Clinton has answered dozens of times before; it's not hard. Hillary Clinton opposes abortion, but doesn't feel it's the Governments role to decide whether or not individuals can choose to have an abortion. While I get that such an answer is not satisfactory to many Conservative Christians; you could at least deal with what she actually said, rather than pretending she's never addressed the conflict.

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