Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Burden of Proof

Young Ben Shapiro's latest article is on the Burden of Proof; who's responsibile in an argument for proving beyond a reasonable doubt their case. Specifically he is talking about Gay marriage.
Proponents of same-sex marriage would be hard-pressed to show just why same-sex marriages should be allowed. If they had the burden of proof, they would surely fail. But by shifting the burden of proof to proponents of traditional moral values, same-sex advocates like Longcrier avoid having to make an affirmative case for tearing away tradition.
It should go without saying that the reverse is doubly true; traditionalist conservatives are trying to deny a right to a class of citizens, and their key bit of evidence is that this is the way, traditionally, it has been done.

Of course traditionally Blacks couldn't vote or own property. Neither could women.

Again, I think it should go without saying, that in a free society the burden of proof for the denial of rights is on those who seek to deny said rights. But perhaps young Ben isn't keen on living in a free society.

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