Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It takes a lot of Courage

I come before you with a new proposal that I am certain will save this planet and feed the hungry; we need to start eating more rocks. That is my proposal. Upon reflection, we humans eat very few rocks; and yet we are surrounded by them. If we would only eat rocks, think of the savings in effort and in labor; rocks are very easy to grow.

Now I hope you all appreciate the courage I'm displaying by expressing this opinion. It would be easy to argue that we need to improve our diet by eating more vegetables; most nutritionists already think that. It takes no courage to say "Hey let's eat more vegetables and less meat and sweets." Frankly anybody who says that is probably a coward. Rather it takes real moral courage to suggest eating Rocks. And I am full of it. Moral courage that is.

Dennis Prager, in his latest article, is looking for that kind of moral courage; the kind that lets you ignore the opinions of the American people and reality itself, and finding precious little in the United States Government.
The sad truth is that moral courage is rare -- whether among private citizens or among political leaders. Even opponents of the war have to admit that, given the polls, it takes no courage for a politician to call for American withdrawal from Iraq.
Unlike my tongue in cheek rock proposal, however, Prager apparently believes that Victory in Iraq is still possible and even likely if we just hang around long enough. He also believes history will be harsh towards those who want to withdraw from Iraq. Apparently the wisdom of eating rock . . . I mean occupying Iraq will be clear to future generations.

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