Thursday, July 12, 2007

President Bush needs to pull out if Iraq

According to Dick Morris and Eileen McGann's latest article, Bush needs to pull out of Iraq in order to save the Republican Party and his own legacy.
But Bush faces a stark choice: If he doesn't begin pulling out, his party will lose the White House, lose Congress by stunning and likely filibuster--proof margins, and his tax cut and education reforms will be repealed. His footsteps will be obliterated from history. It will be as if he never served.
That last line is a bit hopeful I think. I don't think people will forget President Bush served as our President.

His larger point is that President Bush can make symbolic gestures towards pulling out, which will mollify the American people, while leaving enough troops there to accomplish our goals (whatever those may be).

I'm listening to President Bush, and he keeps mentioning Gen. David Petraeus. He also talks about needing to trust the generals. It just kind of feels that if Iraq fails (assuming it hasn't already), he's laying the foundation for it not being his fault.

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