Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Above the Fray

Jonah Goldberg's latest article is on Partisan bickering and he tries to get above the fray, suggesting that both Republicans and Democrats are making accusations about Presidents that are kind of absurd.
At a candidate forum for trial lawyers in Chicago on Sunday, Hillary Clinton proclaimed that the Bush administration is "the most radical presidency we have ever had."

This is, quite simply, absurd. But such boob-bait for the Bush bashers is common today in Democratic circles, just as similar right-wing rhetoric about Bill Clinton was par for the course a decade ago.
Of course I don't recall President Clinton eliminating Habeus Corpus or torturing suspects or wiretapping American Citizens.

As a whole though the article is about the idea of the imperial presidency; Goldberg makes the case that both parties are in favor of a strong presidency when they hold the White House. That's not far from the truth, as near as I can tell.

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