Thursday, July 26, 2007

An Uplifting Story

I'm sorry - I was up late last night and am a bit spaced out. Normally that wouldn't stop me, but today I am having a hard time getting the old angriness. So here's something positive instead. E. J. Dionne has written an article on Ohio and how what was once a Republican Stronghold is now quite a bit more divided. Very heartwarming.
My interview with Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland was delayed for a reason that explains why this Democrat is so popular in a state that was once considered a Republican bastion.

In the course of his travels on Saturday, Strickland discovered that a farm in a heavily Republican area near Cincinnati was celebrating its 200th anniversary as a family-run operation. The governor decided that he had to drop by and chat with some folks who probably didn't vote for him. Strickland is one Democrat who tries to leave no Republican behind.

At a moment of festering polarization in national politics, Strickland is Mr. Consensus. He doesn't hide his progressive views -- he calls himself "pro-choice, pro-labor and pro-universal health care" -- and yet just about everyone thinks of this ordained Methodist minister as a moderate because he spends a lot of time in places where Democrats don't dare venture, offering soothing sentiments you're unlikely to run into on talk radio or the Internet.
Good article.

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