Monday, July 16, 2007

Lieing about Sex

For those of you not in the know, Sen. David Vitter, legitimate champion of "family values," has confessed that he frequented a New Orleans Brothel. He hid this from the American people and his own wife, apparently, for quite a while, but recent events have forced him to come clean.

Just keep that in mind as I direct you to the latest article from Kevin McCullough, entitled "Why Liberals lie about Sex."

As it turns out this article is about Sex Education; but I get the impression McCullough must write his articles long in advance or he might have named this one a little better.

It starts out with this promising paragraph.
Liberals want your child to have sex. They want this to occur in spite of your religious, health, or parental objections. They are willing to substitute false thinking for solid fact on the consequences of what will happen. And they do so while simultaneously insulting you and your child's ability to comprehend, discern, and choose behaviors that make the most sense.
That's pretty scary. I guess it'd be even scarier if I had a child to have sex.

The whole article is crowing about how the number of kids claiming abstinence has gone up a bit since Clinton Left office (it's up to 53% apparently. Using the Kevin McCullough Method of Analysis (AKA Wishful Thinking), this means that American kids are rejecting the liberals message of "Hey kids, have sex and be stupid." Hooray for American Kids.

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